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Production structure of Lucas includes 4 producing units, which are equipped with professional modern high-tech equipment of the Swiss, Italian and domestic production and allows to produce high quality products. Pride of the company is exclusive lines on production of flour puff products of RONDO Company, which were developed specially for the Lucas company. RONDO is recognized world leader in the field of production of the  bakery and confectionery. The Lukas company is the exclusive partner of RONDO in the territory of Ukraine.

Lines on candies manufacturing have a total production capacity to 23 tons per day. All technological processes of these lines are completely automated, beginning from supply of confectionery glaze, finishing with laying of finished products on a packaging machine which completely eliminates the manual labor and guarantees high quality of products.

The unique exclusive RONDO line on manufacturing of puff products

Exclusive lines on production of flour puff products of RONDO firm are developed and created especially for  Lukas company. RONDO - the recognized world leader in the field of production of the baking and confectionery equipment. Lukas company is the exclusive partner of RONDO  in the territory of Ukraine. The general capacity of lines - to 40 tons of production per day.

Uniqueness of these lines is in their multifunctionality - possibilities of manufacturing of various texture, form, size and design. Thanks to this high-quality equipment, products which have no analogs in Ukraine was successfully brought to the market. These are puff flour products of the small size with stuffing - Grilyazhnoye, Dzhaga Dzhaga, Martselyk, etc. Also on these lines favourite products Ushki, Ushki with poppy, Kruassanchik, Vulyk, Zernovoe, etc. are made.

The enterprise has a bulk storage of flour (with automatic feeding and dosing), syrup and condensed milk.

It is set up its own production of confectionery glazes, dessert toppings and fillings on the basis of natural fruit.

Each workshop is equipped with special metal detectors. This guarantees the safety of the Lukas finished product.

All confectionery products of TM Lukas are made from high-quality raw materials, generally Ukrainian production.