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Manufacturing and Trading Company Lukas was founded as a family business in Kremenchug (Ukraine) in 1995. At the time of company establishment the main type of activity was sale of confectionery.

Having opened in 1999 its own production the company has grown from a small workshop for the production of shortbread cookie with capacity of 100 kg per shift to a large manufacturing company with production capacity of 2.5 thousand tons of products per month.

Special milestone in the Company history was the opening of the second manufacturing site and introduction of new line of activity of puff pastry manufacturing.

Today Lucas is the modern  dynamically developing company, a leading manufacturer of puff pastry, which ranks among the best confectionery companies in Ukraine. The product range includes more than 100 items, among them are the product of a puff, shortcrust pastry, candy and cakes.

The main stages of Company development

On the 16th of November in Kremenchug, Poltavskaya oblast, it was registered Lukas small private company


The first in Kremenchug sweet shop of Lukas was opened


Watershed in the Company history. Changing the direction of the Company with the trading on the manufacturing and trading. It was opened the first pastry shop. On the 6th of November the first kg of products was released.

2001- 2002

A new manufacturing area was rented.
Gas furnaces from Musson and Zimmer were purchased and installed.
The Company worked 24 hours in 2 shifts.
It was started marketing of products to wholesale buyers.
The own wholesale shop was opened and has been successfully working up to now.


It was purchased the building and equipment for expansion of production.
The own manufacturing of fillings was mastered.
Company productiveness was 1000 kg in shift.
In assortment the were 19 product names of shortbread cookies.
Orbita and Kolobok cookies with coco filling has became the hallmark of the company and sales leaders for long years.


It was created its own production laboratory.
The new manufacturing of glazed sweets Ptichye Moloko Lukas, Saturn, Winnie-the-Pooh.


The Company focused on manufacturing automation. It was purchased the first candy depositing machine Evrodrop, put into operation the Flow-pack packaging line at the candy manufacturing site.
The product range was supplemented with the latest offer: cookies Volna, Pyatochok, Chunga-changa, Kievskoe, Knopka, Robin-Bobin; candiesVeselka, Rikki-tikki, Arcadia Lucas, creme brulee; cupcakes with toppings.
It was created manufacturing site for the production of cakes. The first product was the cake Vishnevyi Rai, Ananas, Vkusnyashka, Klenovyi list, Intriga. These cakes received high accolade and recognition from the buyers.

2006- 2008

The Own Building & Construction Department which had full range of the licenses and certificates necessary for execution of work.
The new territory was acquired. It was built and put into operation new manufacturing and administration buildings. It was started production at new manufacturing site.
It was mastered release of the puff products Ushki.
 Distributor Network of Company crossed the border of Ukraine. In 2007 TM Lukas entered the market of Moldova.
In Company it was developed and implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2001.
The structure of Company was expanded: it was created the department of regional development, transportation and warehouse logistics department, etc.
Two new Lukas Brand Stores and Lukasik Children's World were opened.


Food Safety Management System was certified on compliance to the DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) ISO 22000:2007 International Standard.
It was performed the full technical re-equipping and reconstruction of manufacturing site №1.
The workshop №3 with an area of over 2,000 m² was put into operation.
On the second manufacturing site new modern automated lines on whipped candies production exclusive RONDO line on production of puff products with stuffings.
It is organized a bulk storage of flour at two manufacturing sites, treacle and  condensed milk.
Own production of confectionery glazes and stuffings on on the basis of natural fruit is mastered.

2010- 2011

Company range of products was replenished with the puff products Vulyk Vyshnevyi, Vulyk abrikosovyi, croissants with stuffing.
Company successfully brought to market the exclusive products which have no analogues in Ukraine:  puff pastry  Grilyazhnoye, Dzhaga-Dzaga and Hrulik.
The gain of production made more than 80%.
The new warehouse of logistics was built and put into operation. Company fleet of trucks totaled 56 units of its own freight vehicles.


Candy Lukas Ptichie Moloko was the absolute winner of the Quality mark program of Inter TV channel.
The manufacturing site of exclusive confectionery was created.
The latest technologies were mastered. Company was one of three enterprises in Ukraine having the license Italian equipment allowing to create photo-cakes.
It was acquired the territory and built office and warehouse for Lukas Trading House.
TM Lukas strengthened presence in the Ukrainian market. Own exclusive teams on sale of production in the territory of Ukraine were formed.
The 8th brand store was open.

2013- 2014

The modern logistik-center of the Company with a total area about 2000 square meters was built and put into operation.
The automated lines on production of croissants and  candies with Grilyazh center were installed and started.
The Museum of Company history was open.
Own Bureau of declaration for customs cargo and goods was created. Company got the status of the customs broker.
It was built and put into operation modern administration building of the European level.
12 Lukas brand stores were opened in Kremenchug, Komsomolsk and Poltava.
Sloyka Boutique-cafes from TM Lukas were opened.
Export of production has been carrying out to Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, the Baltic States.

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