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  • Lukas Company is the leader in the market of Ukraine in a segment of production of flour products from puff pastry.
  • Property of the Company is the exclusive high-quality equipment of the world famous company RONDO (Switzerland) on manufacturing of products from puff pastry.
  • Lukas has its own accredited  laboratory with physic-chemical and bacteriological departments
  • Lukas has its own manufacture of confectionery glaze, dessert and fruit fillings on natural fruit basis
  • Lukas has certified Quality Management System DSTU ISO 9001: 2009
  • Lukas has the system of food safety management DSTU ISO 220002007
  • Lukas hass table high quality of products
  • Highly qualified specialists work at the Company
  • Lukas has innovative technologies
  • Lukas has its own regional sales network.

5 Records of Ukraine in two years

Special pride of the Company is unique records of Ukraine on manufacturing of the largest confectionery from puff pastry.

  • Record of Ukraine 2013
    The largest in Ukraine cookie Ushko (puff, farinaceous product)

    Cookie-the champion, more than in 180 times larger than a standard analogue.

    Length – 0,57 m, width – 0,31 m, weight - 1,54 kg.

  • Record of Ukraine 2013
    The world's largest model of the Eiffel Tower from puff cookies.

    Height - 1 m 90 cm.